Why PPC Advertising Needed?

With the help of PPC or Search Engine Marketing, you can achieve better sales results and better revenue. It helps you to put your business products and services on an online front for your prospective customers. PPC campaigns provide success within three well-defined goal sets: Awareness; Conversion; and Engagement. Understanding what you and your business are looking to achieve with PPC (or any marketing campaign) is the first step to success, so let’s take a look at how PPC – which can include Search, display, video, app can help with each goal:


If you are looking to get to the first page of Google quickly, PPC is far more effective at achieving this goal in a timely fashion than organic/SEO tactics. With awareness-led campaigns the goal is always to see your company name, product, or service in that search result.


Looking to promote a particular product or service? Running a special or sale on a certain product? PPC is your best friend! Running a cost-related, conversion-orientated PPC campaign will put that promotion in front of people searching for key words relating to that particular product.


Successful PPC campaigns can inform a all types of audience of a social platform for your business, a community platform for your business, or help to create a mailing list by promoting free/data capture lead content such as content services or downloads.

Why is PPC so important to your digital marketing plans?

We Imazitech are the top Search Engine Marketing company, has a passionate team of professional digital marketers which ensures all these elements are taken care of. We implement focused targeting on relevant audiences using PPC advertising.

This sounds very interesting but before making business online with PPC advertising, there are few things to be taken care of.

  • What are users searching for online?
  • Budgeting for Advertisements?
  • What should customers see on your advertisement?
  • Where should customers go after clicking?
  • How to optimize it?
PPC Process

Process to create effective PPC campaigns

  • Product research
  • Keyword research
  • Selecting relevant keywords
  • Create campaign based on similar keywords and adequate match types
  • Create relevant ad copies
  • Create bid strategy
  • Create effective landing pages with wonderful Call to Actions
  • Check and analyze performance

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